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Olympus vs Panasonic (Lenses vs Lenses) The battle begins!

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SharpShooter702 Forum Member • Posts: 59
Olympus vs Panasonic (Lenses vs Lenses) The battle begins!

Hey Everyone,

Maybe this has been talked about before, searched around a bit but couldn't find a direct comparions for lens vs lens. I recently started buying lenses that I want/need but sometimes struggle to choose one over the other. Since we have the luxury of having 2 companies to choose from, it also adds a level of difficulty which one is better for us and why. I'm not just talking about shooting styles or pick the lens that best suits you or your budget. What I want to know is regarding specific focus lengths, why pick one over the other? Want to hear pros and cons and deciding factors of why you guys pick one over the other. Some choices are more obvious than others, some are a little more difficult (well at least to me). Specially some have a direct FL comparisons and some don't. Other choices might be easier based on price alone. Hopefully we can do a compendium type thread to help present and future m43 users what to pick and why. If I forgot any, or you want to add one in particular go right ahead. I'm just going of the top of my head

Here we go:

Olympus vs Panasonic

8mm 1.8 vs 8mm 3.5
12mm 2 vs 12mm 1.4
17mm 2.8 vs 14mm 2.5
17mm 1.8 vs 15mm 1.7
17mm 1.2 vs 15mm 1.7
17mm 1.8 vs 20mm 1.7
25mm 1.8 vs 25mm 1.7
25mm 1.2 vs 25mm 1.4
30mm 3.5 vs 30mm 2.8 macros
45mm 1.8 vs 42.5mm 1.7
45mm 1.2 vs 42.5mm 1.2
60mm 2.8 vs 45mm 2.8 macros
75mm 1.8 vs
...................vs 200mm 2.8
...................vs 300mm 4 vs

7-14mm 2.8 vs 7-14mm 4
9-18mm 4-5.6 vs 8-18mm 2.8-4
12-42mm 3.5-5.6 EZ vs 12-32mm 3.5-5.6
12-42mm 3.5-5.6 vs 14-42mm 3.5-5.6
12-40mm 2.8 vs 12-35mm 2.8
12-50mm 3.5-5.6 vs 12-60mm 3.5-5.6
12-100mm 4 vs 12-60mm 2.8-4
14-150mm 4-5.6 vs 14-140mm 3.5-5.6 (4-5.8)
..............................vs 35-100mm 2.8
..............................vs 35-100mm 4-5.6
40-150mm 4-5.6 vs 45-150mm 4-5.6
40-150mm 4-5.6 vs 45-175mm 4-5.6
40-150mm 2.8 vs 50-200mm 2.8-4
..........................vs 45-200mm 4-5.6
75-300mm 4.8-6.7 vs 100-300mm 4-5.6
.................................vs 100-400mm 4-6.3

I know that some are not a direct comparisons based on price, an example would be the 25mm 1.2 is worth $1299 while the 25mm 1.4 is worth $599. But if looking for the best 25mm each company has then the match has to be made, even if the choice is based on budget first, optics second. I also matched the 17mm 1.2 vs 15mm 1.7 because its the closest match, even though another one could exist like the Voigtlander Nokton 17.5mm 0.95. But wanted to keep it simple Olympus vs Panasonic. If you guys prefer to add other manufactures, thats fine also. No rules here! If you want me to add something to the list just tell me. I won't get mad. lol

If you want to change any comparisons, go right ahead. I tried to align them up the best using focus length, but some are impossible. Like the 14mm 2.5 can go against the 17mm 2.8 based on similar apartures, but if you want to make it go against the 17mm 1.8 that is fine also. Or the 20mm 1.7 has no real comparisons at that FL so I used the 17mm 1.8 there.

Speaking about these lenses:

17mm 1.8 vs 20mm 1.7 I'm personally having a hard time choosing The 17mm provides a true 35mm equivalent FL, while the 20mm becomes a 40mm. The 20mm is really sharp, but under some conditions its slow to focus, while the 17mm is fast to focus but soft on the edges.

25mm 1.8 vs 25mm 1.7 Both great lenses. But I hear that 1.7 suffers from focus shift. Don't know if all copies do.

45mm 1.8 vs 42.5mm 1.7 Another is this one. Both great but one can focus closer than the other. So that could be a deciding factor for some.

Have fun guys and lets compare them!!. Add what you like or don't like and why you chose what you bought.

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