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Lens sharpness and color reproduction, do they both matter

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Lens sharpness and color reproduction, do they both matter

I swear 90% of the threads in the equipment sub forums are about which lens is sharper in the corners or which is decentered etc etc. Ok I get that people want accuracy. Presumably they care about accurately capturing reality? Often contrast and such are also talked about in regards to lens rendition. (sorry I am not saying that well).

What I don't see much are discussions regarding how faithfully or accurately cameras record and accurately preserve color. Realizing printing or monitor displays are part of the equation, should it matter if a camera is able to (in standard settings at least) accurately record the colors of the real world object.

And, if (as is often the case but not always) people post process and radically change or enhance or diminish or otherwise mess with the colors that were recorded, how much does accuracy really matter.

I'm sure this is a gross over simplification (just trying to generate discussion) but I am tempted to see a double standard.

1. The lens should be as accurate as possible to faithfully aid in recording the image without distorting, diminishing or otherwise altering the light striking the sensor.

2. Images with accurate color are "boring". Post processing "brings out" the colors to make a "better" image.

I do realize that color films historically also had certain "profiles" that affected the faithful reproduction of real world color.

Before my hearing became somewhat damaged, I used to be a bit of an audiophile. Transparent faithful reproduction was always the goal of a good system (I felt).

Isn't altering colors in post processing equivalent to cranking up the bass and treble on a pre-amp to 'make it sound better'?

So, to sum up.

Do accurate lenses matter?

Presumably yes as you want an accurate capture of what you see.

Does accurate color reproduction matter?

Yes? But we're going to change those colors away from accuracy in order to "make it better"?

Take this eye-bleeding example:

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